Designing and building of your company’s exhibition stand


System Octanorm consists of aluminic shape elements widely used in exhibition industry, basically for construction of standard and improved stands. This system makes it possible to create a great amount of stand modifications of various budgets. Also, its elements are used widely in building of exclusive stands. There is nothing impossible for us!

Maxima System

The system consists of square aluminic shape (80x80) and is widely used in exhibit industry. Its principal characteristic is solidity. This makes it possible to make longer beam spans and additional required height.

Imlight System

This system is aluminic trusses with high durability and it is used in suspended constructions Particle board, Medium Density Fiberboard, Veneer These materials are used for creation of exclusive stands. This type of woods is workable. These kinds of materials are easy- workable and it gives the opportunity to create elements of any shapes, but they are disposable and, after dismantlement, they are subject to be utilized. The stands which are made of wood are more expensive, but more noticeable and imposing. Don’t save on your company’s image!

Load-bearing unit

This structure is used for creation of two- and more storey stands. It is very easy-to-use, durable and safe. Our stand is guaranteed to be of high quality and safety!

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